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reproductive health services at no cost to you

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Unexpected pregnancy?

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STD testing services

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Considering abortion?

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Medical exams, IUD removal, & more.

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Reproductive Health Services

We provide free full-panel STD and STI testing, well-women exams, IUD removal, limited OB care, morning after pill info, and more.

Unplanned Pregnancy Services

We free pregnancy testing, ultraosund confirmation, and nurse consultations, abortion pill and procedure information, and more.

Get The Answers You Need

Along with free medical services, we provide nurse consultations on:

The abortion pill (medication abortion)​​​

How late can it be taken? Is it safe to order online? What are the risks to a self-managed abortion?

Surgical abortion procedures

How effective are abortion clinic procedures? How much does an abortion cost?

Abortion laws in Idaho and Washington

What is currently legal in Idaho? What are my pregnancy rights? 

Unplanned pregnancy resources

What if I want to talk about other options? What aid resources will I have access to? Do you offer early prenatal or OB care for free as well?

Sexually transmitted diseases

When should I get tested? Does an STD impact an abortion procedure?

Reproductive health and telehealth

Do I need an IUD removed before an abortion? What if I'm Rh negative? When do I need to get a pap smear? Can I book a telehealth consultation first?

Local Care That Puts You First


"I will definitely be back if I need help again. Thank you for everything!"

"I would highly recommend them to anyone needing free services for pregnancy and std testing."

"They listened to me and really made me feel at ease. The nurses were really helpful through it all."

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You are unique. Your care should be too.

Every woman’s body and experience is different. Discuss your health history, find out if you are allergic to any of the drugs used in the abortion pill regime, get answers on what to expect during and after an abortion, and schedule an ultrasound. Abortion is illegal in Idaho, and we do not perform or refer for abortion services. We can provide the answers you need to make an informed decision.

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Tuesday: 9:30am-5pm

Wednesday: 9:30am-5pm

Thursday: 9:30am-5pm

Friday: 9:30am-5pm

Reliance Center serves women and men in Idaho and Washington by providing holistic reproductive health services, counseling, support, and practical help. All our services are confidential and are provided at no cost to our clients.  We believe each person has a right to get information from a resource that will not profit from the choices and pregnancy decisions they make. As a free alternative to Planned Parenthood and abortion clinic, we do not provide or refer for abortion services, we can answer your questions about side effects, what to expect, and more.  


The information on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be substituted for medical or legal advice.​ We are committed to protecting your health information. Please be aware that communicating via unencrypted text messaging or messaging services carries some risk of being read by a third party.


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