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Medical services for men

STD Testing and Treatment

We provide free full-panel STD testing and treatment for women and men. No insurance is needed. At your appointment, you can share your sexual history, talk to a nurse about your treatment plan, if necessary, and learn more about how to protect yourself and your partners. All services are confidential to the fullest extent of the law. 

STDs are common and most are easily treated. Take control of your sexual health. Get tested today.

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Counseling services for men

Pregnancy Decision Support for Men

If she’s pregnant, we are here to help you both explore your options. We provide services and information with so you are both equipped to make a fully informed choice.

Time is on your side. No matter if you’re considering abortion or she wishes to continue the pregnancy, you have plenty of time to learn everything you need to know and make a decision. Speak up. Although the decision is ultimately up to her, your reassurance and support can help her make a decision with confidence.


Make an appointment for a no-pressure options consultation for you both and a pregnancy verification appointment for her. (You can make a decision support appointment with or without your partner.) 

Follow Reliance Men and be encouraged, equipped, and informed in all areas of life. We're here to help you succeed as a man, leader, parent, or spouse.


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Support groups for men

Authentic Manhood

Reliance Men uses the 33 Authentic Manhood Program. We will offer one on one mentoring for young men, as well as a group style classes. This program helps men live lives of “truth, passion, and purpose.”  If you are interested in participating in our For Men program, contact us today!

Sexual Addiction Support Group

If you think you may need to seek help regarding a sexual addiction or porn addiction, we can help. Give us a confidential call or send us a message today and learn more about our free (and very discreet) Sexual Addiction Support Groups. Call 208-298-4575 to learn more.

Porn Addiction Support Group

There’s no shame allowed here. You can talk freely with our male client advocates and counselors without fear of judgment or condemnation.


Quick Self-Assessment:

- Is porn taking up more and more of your time?⠀

- Do you find yourself needing to watch more and more?

- Do you seem to want to watch scenes that tend to be more extreme?⠀

- Do you continue to use porn despite it causing problems in your relationship?⠀

- Do you engage in behaviors inconsistent with your beliefs?⠀

- Do you continue to use porn even AFTER you promised you’d stop?⠀

- Do you want to finally and successfully quit the habit once and for all?⠀

If any of these sound familiar and you want to live free from porn, contact us today. 

Fatherhood Classes
Our parenting classes and one-on-one mentoring equips new dads with the tools they need to be successful fathers. We cover a wide variety of topics including how to care for newborns, toddlers, and beyond. Participation in the classes includes access to the baby boutique, which contains baby necessities for you to earn after completing parenting classes.


If you are interested in our parenting and fatherhood classes, contact us today!

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