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Every year in the U.S. there are an estimated 20 million new STD infections and nearly half of all new STD cases occur in people ages 15 to 24. Anyone who is sexually active is at risk for contracting an STD, no matter what form of birth control you use.

Half of all sexually active young people will get an STD before the age of 25. Most will not know it. Even if you haven’t experienced any symptoms, you may still need to get tested. Condoms reduce the risk of contracting some STDs, but they do not provide full protection.

Take your health seriously. Get tested today.


If she’s pregnant, we are here to help you both explore your options. We provide services and accurate information with you so both are equipped to make a fully informed choice.

Thing to Note:

  • Time is on your side. No matter if you’re considering abortion or she wishes to continue the pregnancy, you have plenty of time to learn everything you need to know and make a decision.
  • Home pregnancy tests are an indicator of pregnancy, but not a confirmation. Know for sure before you decide your next steps.
  • Speak up. Although the decision is ultimate up to her, your reassurance and support can help her make a decision with confidence.

Make an appointment for the two of you to come in for a no-pressure options consultation for you both and a pregnancy confirmation appointment for her.

(You can also come alone to an options consultation appointment.)


Reliance Men uses the 33 Authentic Manhood Program. We will offer one on one mentoring for young men, as well as a group style class. This program helps men live lives of “truth, passion, and purpose.”  If you are interested in participating in our For Men program, contact us today!


If you think you may need to seek help regarding a sexual addiction or porn addiction, we can help.

Give us a confidential call or send us a message today and learn more about our free (and very discreet) Sexual Addiction Support Groups. 208-298-4575

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DISCLAIMER: We provide education on abortion and pregnancy options. Reliance Center does not refer for or perform abortions or emergency contraceptives.