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Limited obstetric ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy

Why do I need an ultrasound?

While a positive pregnancy test can indicate a pregnancy, the only way to tell for sure whether you are pregnant is through an ultrasound. Our limited obstetrical ultrasounds provide you with important information regarding your pregnancy, so you can assess your next steps once the ultrasound is complete.

Additionally, an ultrasound provides you with a proof of pregnancy. For many government assistance programs, you will need proof of an ultrasound to obtain different types of aid/assistance. For those considering abortion, you will also need an ultrasound to determine abortion costs and types available to you.



If you’ve received positive results on your last pregnancy test, make an appointment for a free limited obstetrical ultrasound today. Our caring and medically trained staff will administer your ultrasound and discuss the results with you immediately during your appointment.


PREGNANCY Options Consultation

During your consultation, you will learn about each of your pregnancy options and explore how they impact your future. We will walk through the different types of abortions, including the abortion pill and surgical abortions, adoption types and resources in our area, and parenting options. You can share openly with your client advocate and ask questions in a confidential place. 

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